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Guide to Listing on LSE for CIS companies

A guide to listing on the London Stock Exchange for CIS companies

Since Gazprom became the first company from Russia to list its depositary receipts (DRs) on the London Stock Exchange in 1996, many other CIS companies have joined our markets. On 22nd April 2008, Magnit, one of the largest food retail chains in Russia, became the 100th company from the region to list its global depositary receipts (GDRs) on the Main Market.

At the time of writing, there are 105 companies from the CIS countries on the markets of the
London Stock Exchange with the trading volumes in CIS securities on the Exchange’s IOB platform alone accounting for about US$477 billion in 2008 (91% of all trades on IOB).

In 2007, there were 269 IPOs at the Exchange with a total sum of raised capital of more than US$52 billion. CIS companies were a major contributor to this total, raising more than US$19 billion in 24 IPOs in 2007.

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Guide to Listing on LSE

A guide to listing on the London Stock Exchange

Established in 1698, the London Stock Exchange’s (the ‘Exchange’) Main Market has long been home to some of the UK’s, and indeed the world’s, largest and best-known companies. There are over 1,400 companies on the Main Market with a combined market capitalisation of £3.7 trillion. Companies of all types, nationalities and sizes together represent some 40 sectors.

Joining a public market – the Main Market or AIM (our market for smaller, growing companies) – is a way to grow and enhance your business.

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Guide to Listing on AIM

A guide to AIM

Today AIM is firmly established as one of the world’s leading growth markets with a universe of companies from a wide range of sectors around the world. Companies, intermediaries and investors recognise AIM as the market of choice for smaller, growing companies as it continues to help them raise capital at admission and throughout their time on market.
Since its launch in 1995, more than 3,100 companies have joined AIM, raising over £67 billion to fund their growth.

The decision to take your company public is one of the most significant steps you may take. With this in mind, this publication brings together in-depth knowledge and insight from some of the key advisers experienced in bringing companies to AIM. Their perspectives will inform readers about the principal issues that can arise during the process of joining AIM, as well as the ongoing responsibilities and opportunities that arise once on market.

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